Cod2/4 Rcon/PunkBuster commands and some tweaks


ALWAYS be careful with the rcon password!

rcon login password

-          Logs you into the rcon. Necessary every time you connect to the server and want to work with it.

rcon status

-          Displays a list of players including slot number, score, ping, gameguid, name, last message, ip-address, query port and rate. To see this, you have to enlarge your console by pressing shift+§. Bind this to your keyboard. When administratoring a big public server, you must refresh this list all the time since there is lots of people coming in and going out.

rcon clientkick #

-          In my opinion this is the easiest way to kick people. # is the player’s slot number.

rcon say

-          Console talks! rcon say *message* will talk to main chat as console.

rcon map mp_mapname

-          Changes the map instantly. List of map names:

Call of Duty 2

mp_breakout - Villers-Bocage
mp_dawnville - St. Mere Eglise
mp_decoy - El Alamein
mp_downtown - Moscow
mp_farmhouse - Beltot
mp_railyard - Stalingrad
mp_trainstation - Caen
mp_rhine - Wallendar
mp_harbor - Rostov

Call of Duty 4

Showdown mp_showdown
Bloc mp_bloc
Bog mp_bog
Wet Work mp_cargoship
District mp_citystreets
Ambush mp_convoy
Countdown mp_countdown
Crash mp_crash
Crossfire mp_crossfire
Downpour mp_farm
Overgrown mp_overgrown
Shipment mp_shipment
Pipeline mp_pipeline
Backlot mp_backlot
Strike mp_strike
Vacant mp_vacant

rcon map_restart

-          Reloads the map. This is necessary when changing gametype with rcon g_gametype.


CoD2: ctf, sd, tdm, dm, hq
CoD4: dom, sd, sab, war, koth, dm

rcon fast_restart

-          Starts the map again. Useful if you want to play the same map again.


With Punkbuster banning is easier. First, log into rcon. Then use these commands like this: rcon pb_sv_command.


-          This is similar to rcon status list. Difference is, it shows Punkbuster guid, not gameguid.

pb_sv_ban #

-          Bans the player’s guid. # is the slot number and MUST be taken from pb_sv_plist!


-          Shows a list of bans. It also works as a search. For example, a player named Pekka has been banned from the server and we want to see his info. We write pb_sv_banlist Pekka and we get his PB-guid, ip like this: ^3CB|GV PunkBuster^5: # -------------guid--------------------- {0/-1} "Name" "Ip" "Reason (if used)"

 If we want to delete the ban, we use

pb_sv_unban #

-          Removes a ban.


-          We can also ban players if we know their guid(s). pb_sv_banguid guid name* ip* reason*

*not necessary


Tweaks is a great tweaking guide for Cod2. and for Cod4.


This is an unofficial miniguide for Call of Duty 2 and 4 admins. Written by Naksi from [Steel-Server]. This guide was written with 9th grade English in an hour. Contacts, typo reports: is a Finnish/Swedish Call of Duty site with a few public servers. Check that out.